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About The Name

Blue Heron Yoga, the story behind the name. Yoga has been a very spiritual practice for me, and has guided me through some very difficult times. I have seen how a daily practice of yoga can change a person mentally and physically, I have experienced it myself. The blue heron is a commonly found bird in Texas, especially in my hometown Comfort, Texas. Growing up, I always believed that seeing a blue heron means whatever negative things that are happening will dissipate, and it will become a positive. In simple terms, they are lucky to me and my family. When my brother passed away, it became his bird, whenever I saw one I knew my brother was with me, which means I am protected by him and God for what the day may bring. Seeing a heron in the morning, was always a sign that you will have a blessed and joyful day, because my brother, would be watching over me and my family. My wonderful, kindhearted, loving brother suffered from addiction, and due to that the world lost one of my favorite and loved person I have ever known. I have witnessed so many people suffering from addiction, and I have seen so many in recovery with the help of yoga. My yoga studio, Blue Heron Yoga is in remembrance of my greatly missed beloved brother, and the peaceful and graceful bird that reminds me that life is precious, brief, and beautiful. I am grateful for everyone who took the time to learn the backstory, and I am looking forward to meeting you on the mat! Let's work together to make every day a Blue Heron day!

Image by Zoltan Tasi
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